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"School" 18"x 10" Poster Print

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"School" was painted for a mural submission for a city art project in Hamilton, OH. This print is on 18x10 inch gloss poster stock with a .25 inch white border. It is titled and signed by Logan Walden on the back. About the image: School - This painting is deep with metaphors. (sea what I did there? ooop! I did it again!) A young boy ties his shoes in preparation for what is to come. Yet his head is down and focused on something small while he is placed in a vast and deep atmosphere. This is a visual we see often in todays youth with their phones and gaming devices. He is surrounded by colorful fish that stand out from the rest of the crowd. These might represent his close network of friends and family that help him along his life journey. Just to his right is an enormous school of fish which might represent the overwhelming size of competition and fast pace movement of the real world. Looming above is a silhouette of a whale which might represent a higher power or presence of authority not to be ignored. With all of these epic spectacles surrounding the boy, his hair floats and his emotions are calm symbolizing the boy's relaxed and dreamy nature. This painting's style was achieved quickly with a loose touch to help cary the themes shining through the overall message.

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