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"Bridges" 18"x12" Poster Print

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This is a 18x12" poster print with .25" white border.
Titled and signed on back by artist.

About this image:
"Bridges" was started at Still Dream Festival in 2016. It's title identifies the repetitive theme carried through the painting. We see a literal bridge reaching out to a launch pad and rocket in a world much different from the golden world depicted in the top left hemisphere. The two figures hover inside a cloud that serves as a bridge between the two worlds. This cloud represents a higher dimensional method of travel. This advanced method of "cloud travel" is paralleled by the space rocket. This bridges two methods of space transportation. We see a cord tethered between the two space beings. This might represent a bridge in their relationship. We can also observe through their body language that they are indifferent from one another and headed in different directions. The lightning beneath them represents an "unsettlement" or a storm that has been brewing in their foundation. I conceptualized this painting at the end of a relationship that was just "that". We were headed in two different directions and wanted different things out of life. In a way, this painting is a peaceful bridge couples may use when realizing their differences and feel the need to move on. Full image Limited Edition Canvas Giclee's are available for $600+ shipping. There are only 8 in the series. Contact Logan Walden Art at Thank you.

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